May 29th – June 6th: Icefields, Icefields, Baby.

Warning: This post contains an absurd amount of photos due to stunning scenery. I took about 400 photos in this time, and cut down to about 140 for this post. Didn't want to leave anything out! I'm struggling to find words for what I have witnessed over the past week. It's been an unbelievable whirl [...]

May 25th-28th: Prairie Riding and a Hiking Rest Day.

´╗┐Note 1: I properly added photos now from Waterton etc to the post before this, including some classic Waterton views! Note 2: I can caption photos properly now! Note 3: I uploaded all rides from my Garmin (at least I think it worked properly...) so Strava followers can check them out. If you haven't yet [...]