May 4th-5th: Hope You Enjoy

First milestone complete! I told many I must make it at least to Hope, and we’ll see how far I get after that. So I can turn back any time now, hmm…

May 4th was a slow start of what I expect will be a long string of camping nights. While packing my bike to leave dad’s house, my kick stand broke. A couple hours later at Langley MEC I had installed a new one and was back on the road. Met a few very interested people there, including a customer who cycled Canada before and very kindly offered to reach out to her many cyclist connections across the country about hosting me! Paula, the MEC worker who helped me, took my picture to post on Instagram. I guess I’m officially a MEC poster boy… As I left she wished me luck: “May the Fourth be with you.” Must be a big Star Trek fan or something. Apparently this was the day where people split their ring and middle fingers and say “May the Fourth be with you.” ;D

So a couple more errands later – travel insurance and SIM card for my emergency phone – I found myself still in Abbotsford at 6:30 with the heavens opening and The Weather Network app notifying me of a thunderstorm warning.

The idea of testing my tent-pitching skills in pouring rain while losing sunlight didn’t exactly tickle my fancy. So I set up camp in a farmer’s field (thanks to whoever the owner is!) just off the Whatcom road Hwy 1 exit while reminiscing of Teenage Cameron go-karting at Castle Fun Park.

Thunderstorm warning? Time to hide inside my warm dry tent!

I managed to keep my tent mostly dry and somewhat mud-free. The slugs were concerned I’d get lonely, so about 20 stuck on my tent for the night. A handful were even friendly enough to come inside with me!

May 5th:

Fruits and grains to get me through the long trek to Hope.

Breakfast was deposited in two parts: quinoa salad with blueberries, dried cranberries, and chia seeds, and a turkey sandwich. Quinoa is a bit bland to say the least – good thing I made this “flavour kit” with salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, chilli powder, curry powder, sriracha, BBQ sauce, and olive oil!

All in one ziploc bag. Tell me you’re not at least a tiny bit impressed…

With Billy Talent’s “Rusted from the Rain” playing in the background, I cleaned and lubed my chain as breakfast was cooking. Now that song’s stuck in your head now. You’re welcome.

Nobody likes a rusty chain!

I hit the road with the goal of hitting Hope that day.

Ready for a big day! Already getting some good mileage out of this selfie stick…

I got through Chilliwack by mid-afternoon via country roads, but not without a double-take thinking I made a wrong turn and ended up back on the Burnaby-Vancouver border:

This Boundary Road was a bit less hilly than the one I’m used to…

Lunch consisted of more quinoa salad and a 1L chocolate milk – no, I didn’t drink all at once! From Rosedale I returned to the North side of the mighty Fraser River, where I hadn’t been since crossing the Port Mann two days earlier.

A giant brown river? Hold on, I’ve seen this movie before…

The Lougheed highway provided quite a nice ride despite light rain on average – mostly flat, very green, and minimal traffic. This completed my 95km day and carried me all the way to my target.

Hope you enjoy.

With Hope’s accommodation abundance, I settled for a campsite – much cheaper than a motel and they even had electricity!

Found a motel with public laundry to refresh my wet clothes, and after taking full advantage of the campsite’s hot showers I met Friends Alistair and Zoe for sushi dinner. Cozied up in my tent to blog for my beloved fans, and soon enough found my eyelids getting heavy!

All electronics charged, and ready for some elevation gains on the Coquihalla River Trail!


6 thoughts on “May 4th-5th: Hope You Enjoy

  1. Wow loved your Blog, arriving in Hope! Great way to do your laundry too ! Slugs do sound slimy though…Great blog already, interesting writing and pictures ! Good luck on your next journey ! Garret says no amenities or stores or gas stations from Hope to Manning. FYI…if u go that way Saturday….love Mum. Xoxo


  2. Good luck Cameron! This is so fun reading your updates! Hopefully you get some dry weather for the next stretch.

    Love Colleen


  3. Wow! Love your style of writing filled with wit, humour and interesting details! Carry on Cameron!


  4. Way to go!! I’ve been telling my friends and family about your endeavour…they’re all rootin’ for you too😄


  5. Great blogging Cameron! Keep up the super descriptions and may the sun ☀️ shine on you daily!!


  6. Definitely impressed by your flavour kit! You packed a lot of yummy flavours into such a small bag. Too bad about the slugs – yuk! Very fun to read about your travels. Best of luck with it all!
    Auntie Michele


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