The Book Fundraiser: Order Yours Today!

First off, what is this book all about?

“Never Unprepared” is the story of my solo bicycle trip across Canada, centered around the emotional journey. The book covers what was important to me at different times on the road, the country’s cultural and geographical diversity, and the enormous impact on me as a person. It will carry you through the trails of British Columbia, the big blue skies of the prairies, the rich cultures of Ontario and Quebec, and the proud coastlines of Atlantic Canada.

100% of profits will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association in support of its depression and anxiety initiatives.


How do I get the book?

Your $37 purchase includes $11 for printing, $1 for the PayPal fee, and a $25 donation to the CMHA, with the option of shipping within Canada for an extra $6. After completing the PayPal order form via the buttons below (keep scrolling!), I will either mail it to you or coordinate to meet you in person.

Either way, the CMHA will mail you a tax receipt for your $25 donation!


Weren’t you doing an eBook too?

Yes! The eBook is available on the Amazon Kindle store here.


Okay, sign me up already!

If you don’t require shipping and will meet me in person, use this one.

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If you require shipping within Canada for an additional $6, use this one. The book’s expected arrival will be 5-10 business days from order time.

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