$1562 Raised, Books In Hands, and Tax Benefits

It's been less than two weeks since launch day, and the orders keep cycling through! I was so glad to hear the first batch of mail orders made its way across provinces. 62 paperbacks plus 2 eBooks ordered so far has generated $1562 for the Canadian Mental Health Association's depression and anxiety initiatives, hooray! The [...]

The books are here!

Book distribution is in full swing, kicked off by Friday's Official Unofficial Book Launch. Huge thanks to Natalie Tso for her stunning cover art, Minuteman Press Vancouver for a great printing job, and everyone who ordered for supporting a great cause! The first batch of books will be in the mail today. 33 books have [...]

September 12th-15th: A Bittersweet Easterly Ending… And a book!

Arriving at the North Sydney ferry terminal on Monday, I did not connect with the 16-hour ferry to Argentia as I'd hoped. That left me with two options: Occupy myself for two days before hopping on the Wednesday night ferry to Argentia, or hop on the "short" 7-hour ferry that night to Port-aux-Basques and begin [...]

September 5th-11th: C.A.B.O.T. – Canada’s Amazingly Beautiful Oceanfront “Trail”.

For the third and final time, I've been pulled way off course with an eye on our country's natural beauty. And once more, I've discovered a region I'd hate to have skipped. Well played Canada, you're three for three on making the extra distance a treat and not a chore. After swapping my ferry seat [...]