First Draft of “Never Unprepared” Complete

After hiding in a corner for over two months, I have completed my first rough draft! The book will be called “Never Unprepared”, and is shaping up to around 100 pages including photos.

Resuming the normal city life after escaping for over four months was tough, to say the least. The anticipated shock was definitely apparent. Returning home, almost everyone and everything is the same… But I’m just not.


Back at home, the time is once again constantly relevant to me.

I achieved ultimate bliss living a simple life with minimal possessions. I experienced a major realization that less is more when it comes to objects. This pushed me to discard about half of my belongings soon after flying home.

Since my Vancouver return, I’ve generally been working on my book a bit each weekend. Starting with my complete final blog, I’ve been narrowing down my writing and photos a lot, aiming for a different focus. I’ve expanded on central thoughts and reflections, summarized some key moments of my journey, and added a prologue and epilogue. While most of the writing is done, I still have some unfinished ideas and more editing to do.

As I work out logistics with the Canadian Mental Health Association in the coming months, there is still much uncertainty, but here’s a rough idea. I’m planning a self-published paperback to keep costs low, and possibly an e-book to provide a zero-cost option for those who prefer it. Price is still TBD, with one possibility of making the book available at cost and suggesting buyers also donate to the CMHA for their depression and anxiety initiatives. I initially had the idea of pushing something out in time for Christmas, but soon realized churning out a book in my spare time within three months was quite over-ambitious! A mid-2018 launch still looks most probable, giving me more time to polish the content and coordinate with the CMHA.


Here’s a preview of parts of the Prologue…

Departing Vancouver, I didn’t have the idea of writing a book, but kept a blog to share my journey with those who wished to follow. With an increasingly captivating story to share, my blog quickly morphed into the starting point for this book. By week four I was seriously considering the idea, and by week eight I was set on taking on a book fundraiser project.

The cause was an easy decision, one that really hits home for me. Mental health, specifically depression and anxiety, is something I’d wanted to contribute to during my life for a few years. I’ve had friends who have openly battled with such issues, and being by their side has been extremely meaningful for me. My grandfather was a child psychiatrist, wishing throughout his career that mental health initiatives were better supported, especially financially. There’s lots of buzz about mental health in recent years, and we’re certainly heading in a positive direction. I see much room for improvement and potential for a ripple effect as society becomes more educated and receptive toward those struggling.


8 thoughts on “First Draft of “Never Unprepared” Complete

  1. Good for you, Cameron. I enjoyed reading your blog posts over the summer and look forward to reading your book once it is published.
    Mary McConville


  2. Hi Cameron,
    What a great idea, and good start! We loved your blog too, especially your witty writing style. Looking forward to reading your book once done. All the best! Anti


  3. Cameron, may all the awareness you sustainably nurtured during your trans-continental odyssey help you propel the mental health issues forward.
    I like the simplicity and power of your statement “Never Unprepared”.
    Keep going.
    We’ll keep reading. Someone may simply spark the next ##metoo frenzy.
    Ps: I’m still wandering what you were eating out of your end-of-the-hike ziplock!


  4. Good for you Cameron! It’s not easy to write a book at the same time as working full time back in the City. I loved reading your blog and look forward very much to reading your book.


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