$1562 Raised, Books In Hands, and Tax Benefits

It’s been less than two weeks since launch day, and the orders keep cycling through! I was so glad to hear the first batch of mail orders made its way across provinces.

Books in Bottle Holders 1.jpeg
Good thing the books aren’t being bicycle delivered, that would take a wheely long time…

62 paperbacks plus 2 eBooks ordered so far has generated $1562 for the Canadian Mental Health Association’s depression and anxiety initiatives, hooray!


The CMHA has also confirmed they are able to mail out individual tax receipts for the $25 donations which were included as part of your purchase. So if you provided your address and bought a book, you’ll be receiving a receipt in the mail. Your April 2019 self will be grateful, trust me!

And I’ve still got books available for those still looking:

Books on bike rack 1
There’s still a bunch of books left on the rack!

One thought on “$1562 Raised, Books In Hands, and Tax Benefits

  1. What a wonderful achievement Cameron! So proud of you for doing the ride, and then a book!

    We are enjoying it too. Full of adventures, and inspiring messages. love Anti


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