May 25th-28th: Prairie Riding and a Hiking Rest Day.

Note 1: I properly added photos now from Waterton etc to the post before this, including some classic Waterton views!

Note 2: I can caption photos properly now!

Note 3: I uploaded all rides from my Garmin (at least I think it worked properly…) so Strava followers can check them out. If you haven’t yet but want to, find me on Strava here. I also added Strava screenshots to all my blog posts!

I’m not doubting I’ve been in the prairies these past few days. More high winds, long cow-filled grassy stretches, and rows of wind turbines.

Heading north out of Waterton, I battled some strong headwinds and crosswinds, though nothing like what I pushed through to get there! I took in more mountainous lakeside views on the way out, knowing I’d miss such scenery until returning to the Rockies. 

Goodbye, beautiful Waterton.

The next couple days were occupied by my experience of prairie riding so far, best described by a play-by-play: Head up, an empty field on my left, 136 cows on my right. Head down, enjoying the tunes, focusing on the pavement. Five minutes pass. Head up, 136 cows on my left, an empty field on my right. I mustn’t completely bash the prairies though – Alberta’s Highway 2 has an amazingly huge shoulder, enabling me to hug the right side and ignore traffic!

Alberta’s Highway 2 with its broad shoulders. Must be hitting the gym pretty hard lately.

Pitching my tent near Glenwood in a farmer’s field (thanks!) and then in Nanton on a side road’s flat grassy spot, I pedalled through sporadic headwinds and crosswinds. 

Glenwood farmer’s field camping spot.
The sheepish sheep examined me sheepishly.
Just like dad taught me growing up: Pink sky at night, sailor’s delight!
Great spot for a lunch stop in Okotoks.
Riding along the Bow River in Calgary.

Reaching the Calgary home of Friend Dustin late afternoon Saturday, we got me showered and cleaned up and visited Friends Theo and Raeleen for dinner.

After staying on the Dustin couch Saturday night, Sunday was my first day without pedalling or pushing my bike – but still a busy day!

“So this is what a rest day feels like…”

My “rest day” included breakfast with endless toast and hash browns, a 3-hour round trip hike of Ha-Ling Peak in Canmore, grabbing a few things from Calgary’s MEC, and a full-blown grocery fill.

Before even starting the Ha-Ling Peak hike… There’s already a view!
Mountain goats at the Ha-Ling Peak parking lot, not worrying about the silly humans.
Ha-Ling Peak – overlooking Canmore.
We made it to the top!
Time for a break to soak up the view.

Sunday night I visited and stayed with Parents Of Friend Margot and Richard. I slept inside for two nights in a row, wow!

Before heading West out of Calgary, Margot showed me the Peace Bridge, a Calgary highlight.

Shot from inside Calgary’s Peace Bridge, only accessible by pedestrians and cyclists.

We then strolled around downtown Calgary, finding the Bow Tower and Calgary Tower.

Bow Tower, Calgary’s tallest building. Yep, it’s quite large.

So I’m Westbound and looking forward to more magnificent sights between Banff and Jasper. Ready for a rocky week! … See what I did there?


8 thoughts on “May 25th-28th: Prairie Riding and a Hiking Rest Day.

  1. You’re certainly trucking along Cameron! Thanks for including the maps and distance, so I can calculate how far you’re going in an hour…you are really moving along…good on ya! And, I like the beard; you might want to hang onto that after your trip. Once again, super pics, and super commentary. Keep on blogging, keep on biking, and keep on “punning!” xoxo


  2. Wonderful views! The hike up Ha-Ling Peak looks fantastic. Great to include your route traveled maps in the blog – incredible the elevations you are cycling up per day, not to mention huge KM and hours cycled. Your legs must be mega-strong now. Must have felt great to sleep inside for two nights!


  3. Well done Cameron! Nice to see that you have had some great weather lately. The pictures are wonderful, and yes we laugh at your puns!


  4. Fantastic blog, I’m all caught up and I’m hoping you continue to have so much fun. Wish you had that bike path that is going to be built on the Icefield Parkway, but you’ll get to experience it old style so that when you’re an old man you can return to share what “it used to be like”. You got another warm showers person following you that stayed the other night. Her name is Anne and she is raising money for a youth program. She is an adventurer like you. I hope you get to meet up with her. I bet you might. That’s how cycling works. I want to meet up with you in Europe someday or South America! haha. Take it easy, keep spinning!


  5. Hi Cameron, second cousin Audrey here from just outside of Picton, Ontario. I’ve been following your journey and am thoroughly impressed and loving it! Even the puns 🙂 In his day, my hubby Mike cycled from our home in Brampton to Montreal – but that totally pales to what you are doing. Keep it up, and hoping we can provide a hot shower, warm food and a comfortable bed when you get this way.


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