August 9th-16th: Language Lacking, Furiously Feasting, and Hosts Halting.

I've finally completed Ontario and entered the beautiful, culturally rich, and historic land of the Francophones. Quite peculiar that I've just completed half the provinces while about three quarters complete by kilometres and time. That's Canada for ya... A lazy blogging Wednesday transitioned into dinner with Second Cousin Patrick, my third of four Ottawa visitees [...]


July 31´╗┐st – August 8th: Farewell Great Lakes, Rail Trail Flashbacks, and Completing Pre-Arranged Visits.

This Ontario stretch packed with visits is coming to an end. While I will be connecting with more family and friends going forward, those I'd anticipated when leaving Vancouver are now complete. It's been another laid back week full of much socializing and minimal pedalling. A lazy blogging Monday was followed by a burger-and-fries date [...]