Ramp up trip – Vancouver to Brittania Beach – April 15th-16th 2017

My first ever solo overnight cycling camping trip! 60km from home to Brittania Beach. Met 3 cyclists on the sea to sky at a viewpoint. Training to ride Vancouver-Whistler and they asked me to take their picture. I said only if I can take one with you too!

Found 3 cyclists on the Sea to Sky!
Great view from Lions Bay on the Sea to Sky.

After snacking on flax and chia seeds during the ride up, I set up camp and made soup for dinner featuring beef jerky and veggies. 

Making dinner after setting up camp at Brittania Beach.

Very kind of the Brittania Beach Fire Department to let me stay on their property. I didn’t see anyone inside though, so they may never know I was there!

My kind hosts for the night!

I got to attempt my first bear sling! Don’t think I did it right, but there are also no bears here…

Bear sling fail.
It was cold overnight! So much I had trouble sleeping. Will have to find a balaclava or ski mask to cover my face during cold nights. Otherwise the overnight camp went well.
Saturday route

Sunday morning: A banana and quinoa salad featuring blueberries and veggies, then packed up and hit the road again!

Easter Sunday breakfast: quinoa salad!

My Sunday route was roundabout, making it 71km back home. Ran into a cycle touring couple on their way from Vancouver to Squamish. Great to see other cyclists with panniers and the whole shebang!

Sunday’s route

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