Ramp up trip – Vancouver to Fort Langley – April 8th-9th 2017

First overnight ramp up trip! Vancouver to Fort Langley.

Trying this whole “blogging from my phone” thing, since that’s the plan when on the road. Did my first overnight cycling trip this weekend!


Cycled alone from my home in East Vancouver to Fort Langley. I got wet and cold from the rain and was hurrying to get there, but a nice ride nonetheless. Had a fun pickup soccer game and barbecue with a few high school friends and others. Stayed the night in Fort Langley but decided to sleep inside instead of pitching my tent since it was almost dark when I reached the Barnett residence. Jill cooked some exquisite enchiladas with mole sauce!

April 8th route


Sunday’s view from the Port Mann Bridge

An ideal day for riding – about 12c, sunny, and not windy. Rode solo from Fort Langley back to my home. Slightly modified route through Burnaby along the “Lakes” and “Frances/Union” bike routes instead of  Lougheed, which was quieter and more peaceful.

April 9th route

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