Why Cycle Across Canada?

Many reasons combined make up my decision to embark on this individual journey. It’s tough to put these in order, since they’re all so different.

  • Experience. I will create memories to take with me through the rest of my life. Stories to tell, perspective to share, and new skills to use.
  • Being outside. All day, every day. Fresh air makes me feel so alive!
  • Visiting people. I am so lucky to have many friends and relatives scattered across the country to spend time with on this journey.
  • Seeing the country. Canada is kind of big. Flying is expensive. Outside of BC, I have only ever spent a bit of time in Ontario as a kid. I don’t even know my own country!
  • Fitness. Lots of people consider me a fitness fiend. An activity addict. An endorphins enthusiast. Getting 5+ hours of activity every day sounds pretty darn cool to me.
  • Alone time. While I don’t consider myself anti-social, I do appreciate getting away from everyone to collect myself and my thoughts. A four month solo trip is a good chunk of time for some self-reflection.