The Book Fundraiser – coming this July

The story:

“Never Unprepared” is the story of my 2017 solo bicycle tour across Canada, from Vancouver, BC to St. John’s, Newfoundland. It will contain highlights of writing and photography from my blog, as well as some additional thoughts cycling through my mind while on the road. This book project is a fundraiser with 100% of profits going to the Canadian Mental Health Association, specifically targeting depression and anxiety initiatives.


The inspiration:

Departing Vancouver, I kept a blog to share my journey with those who wished to follow. With an increasingly captivating adventure to share, my blog quickly morphed into the starting point for this book. Mental health, specifically depression and anxiety, is something I’d wanted to contribute to during my life for a few years. I saw the possibility of writing a book as a great opportunity to do so.

Cycle adventurer turned writer.

The timeline:

I am preparing to launch in July 2018, with both paperback and E-book options available. The paperback will be available to order through this website, and the E-book on the Amazon Kindle store.