The Book Fundraiser

The inspiration:

At the start of my journey, I had no intention of writing a book. The idea hadn’t even crossed my mind. It soon came to me, inspired by overwhelming feedback I received on my blog posts from friends, family, and strangers. As the incredibly positive reactions continued, I kept investing time and effort into my writing along the way, realizing the potential to produce a book.


The content:

It will contain highlights of writing and photography from my blog, as well as some additional thoughts cycling through my mind while on the road. Some inspiration will spawn from my personal journal, which I’ve occasionally made ink deposits in along the way.


The cause:

This will be a joint venture with the Canadian Mental Health Association as a fundraiser for their depression and anxiety initiatives. Once I was set on writing a book, this was an easy decision. I knew I’d make it a fundraiser, and I knew the fundraiser must be something to do with mental health. While I consider myself mentally healthy, it’s a great cause that really hits home for me. I have friends who have openly suffered from depression and anxiety. My grandfather was a child psychiatrist, and throughout his life wished that mental health initiatives were more well supported. It’s an exciting time for mental health, as there’s lots of buzz on the topic lately and people are generally becoming more understanding. I see much room for improvement and potential for a “ripple effect” as society becomes more educated and receptive toward those suffering.


The timeline:

As of December 2017, my first rough draft is complete. With still many details to be sorted, I expect the book will be available in mid 2018. I will be updating and posting on my blog throughout the process.

book materials.jpg
Materials for my book-writing venture.