How Does It Work?

I am mixing trails with highways and side roads and deciding on the fly which route to take.

I am camping most nights, including blackhawk camping (setting up my tent anywhere) and staying at campsites. I will also have the luxury of occupying furniture (a nice treat!) when visiting people and staying in hostels and hotels.

I strap my tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag to my rear rack. All other belongings will be carried in my two 20L rear panniers, handlebar bag, frame bag, and seat bag.

I am preparing most meals myself with my 1L pot and camping stove. Generally when in cities I treat myself to more “normal human” type meals in restaurants and such. Seeds, quinoa, and trail mix are my three closest friends.

I am uploading rides to Strava nightly when possible. You can check out my rides on Strava here!